Olga Rossa

Personal branding for an up-and-coming actress

Olga Rossa made her stage debut at age six. Since then, she has been working as an actress and model. Our goal was to raise awareness of her work, philosophy, and herself in an intriguing and captivating way.

We wanted to create a personal brand that:

— Incorporates confidence and subtlety

— Embodies femininity and individuality

— Conveys refinement through minimal design

Olga in glasses with the sky in the background
Olga in black and white wearing a tiara


Our work started with a comprehensive market analysis. In the process of creating an original, powerful and distinctive visual identity, we studied the art and visual communication of artists from various fields, so that the identity could reflect the artist's ideas and aesthetics.

The starting point for developing a visual identity was to discover ways of communicating the qualities Olga admires in herself: charisma, self-confidence, boldness.

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