Visualising a new way of shopping

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Basket is a startup in the e-commerce space that aims to revolutionize the way customers shop. By allowing them to track prices in real time, Basket will help customers to save money in an elegant and effortless way.

We wanted to create a website that:

— Encourages patients to book appointments

— Helps patients quickly skim through information

— Looks friendly and professional


Since the website outlines the benefits of a mobile app that is still in development, we had to take a decidedly unorthodox approach. Creating a clean and minimal site that’s responsive on any device wasn't enough.
We had to figure out a way to do it engagingly, visually explaining the premise of the app, its ease of use and intuitiveness.


As a part of the solution, we’ve created a series of Lotties, animated mockups of the app. Their goal was to provide a glimpse of the visual context along with the copy. Since the animation occurs in real-time inside the browser, we could adjust its playback and interactivity, further increasing engagement.

Making an introduction

Animated Lotties help visualise the features of the app, such as Sharing to Basket.

Capturing imagination

The best way to explain something is to show it. Here, we’ve demonstrated searching and saving items by taking a photo.

Delightful clarity

The features deserved a beautifully crafted, smooth animation. It is one thing to get the message across, but quite another to make it effortless.